Our History

"The BEginnings"

Brooklyn: a tree grows there. It is a place of beginnings for many people new to America and a place of refuge for those seeking a foundation to build on. The culture is diverse, the people from far-flung places, the lifestyle a generous admixture of sound and sight and motion. The climate can be mild or extreme, the emotions the same. The languages defy the inherent barriers and meet on common ground on the basketball courts, in crowded apartment buildings, on sometimes dangerous streets, and in the school yards and playgrounds. This is the backdrop of the beginnings of Christian Heritage Church.

The embryo of this ministry was an adult cell group and Sunday School in the home of the Delmadges under the leadership of Rev. Lloyd Bewry, then Pastor of Olivet Gospel Assembly, Bronx, New York. In 1979, after the death of Hortense McCarthy, a dear beloved sister and sister-in-law, the Children's Ministry, including the Mail Box Club, began to thrive. During the 1980's, with the help of the three Delmadges sons, their young companions, and very faithful brethren, this ministry became officially an outreach of International Christian Center under the leadership of Rev. Dr. & Mrs. N. Benjamin Crandall.

The Church expanded from this outreach group of International Christian Center (ICC), now located in Staten Island, New York. The message then was to create groups in homes where the Bible would be the focal point of study and Christian values would be raised as the standard in their neighborhoods across the city. This was the vision of Dr. Benjamin Crandall as the Pastor and spiritual leader of ICC, ably assisted and supported by his wife Jeanne. Christian Heritage Church began from one of these embryos, an outreach group to the community, meeting on Tuesdays in the home of Albert and Merna Delmadge at 847 Eastern Parkway. This would become a landmark place in the eyes of the Church because of the fond memories, growing pains and sacrifices that would be involved in the use of this home.

From Bible studies and prayer meetings the church grew. From Good News Clubs to Youth Camps, from occasional Sunday evening meetings to full Sunday meetings, from a four-person choir to many harmonious voices, the future began to take shape. From location to location, from a zero fund base to sacrificial giving, from a dedicated few to a growing congregation, from children with an attitude to adults with an aptitude for the things of Christ, a ministry would develop.

And, now, from these humble beginnings, “The Vision Continues." circlerightarrow