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"The Call"

The vision was clear, but the door was closed and he went off to the “deserts” of Brooklyn where he lived, to ponder his next move.  The vision was to reach the people in the neighborhood of the church he attended in the South Bronx.  The opportunity and backing were absent.  The journey home was sobering.  He would find the largest church around and “hide” in the midst of it because of the frustration building in his heart.  He thought that this place would be International Christian Center.  Albert Delmadge had reached a crossroads in his commitment to Christ and wasn’t sure what the next step was, so meanwhile he waited.

God spoke one day and offered the riches of the world, hanging in the balance against the call of the ministry in the neighborhoods of New York City.  It was either going to be riches in Florida or service at all costs in the City of New York.  The City won.  Stymied from completing a secular degree, he studied at the feet of the Master and has been guided by the Holy Spirit into all truth.  He has since received an Honorary degree from Zion Bible Institute presented by Dr. Crandall.  The journey, however, began a long time before.

The visionary Dr. Crandall met a young man filled with the zeal of Christ and the commitment to move mountains where others would resign.  Albert Delmadge met Pastor Crandall and uncertainty was abandoned as the vision once more opened before him.  From an usher, to an Elder, to a member of the Church Board.  Then the instruction came from Dr. Crandall, “You must leave here,” a prod to start the ministry in his Brooklyn neighborhood.  The voice was clear, the direction sure, the call certain, and so the odyssey began.

From that time on he has been our Pastor, a friend to all, having a word in due time, a bastion of wisdom, a hand in need, sweating with us as we work to lay each foundation stone, crying for our souls, praying for our needs.  Albert Delmadge was ordained a Minister of the Gospel of Christ on Sunday, June 18, 1987.  To the uninitiated he is the Reverend Albert C. Delmadge; to those who work with him he is “Pastor D.”  A young man once saw the need to reach the neighborhoods of New York City, and the need has grown into a cause, the cause into a Church.

And now, the City and the World wait, and “The Vision Continues.” circlerightarrow