Our History

"The CHallenges"

Moving from home to home, traveling from neighborhood to neighborhood, and carrying audio and music equipment to each meeting were signs of things to come.  Each Sunday or Friday brought new challenges; each event carried its own moments of uncertainty.  Remembering the words of Isaiah was a great comfort through it all: “In quietness and confidence is our strength.”  As each challenge surfaced, we sought the Lord and we overcame by walking in His care.

The fight was raging on the steps of Old Boys and Girls High that afternoon.  Two of our girls and some teenagers from the neighborhood were caught up in a struggle of wills and words, clothes and hair, hands and feet, and maybe other undisclosed things.  There was turmoil in the streets as people gathered around for the outcome of the unannounced lightweight fight between the visiting Christians and the local heroes.  Many of our people were from similar areas of the city.  They had learned to put up or shut up.  Still seeking the truth, yet at times choosing the ways of the streets, which was to fight back, no backing down.  In this case our referees stopped the fight short of the final bell, the result a no-decision.  Sure there were challenges, and we have some from those same streets who have overcome in the name of the Lord.


Growing up is hard on the pocketbooks of the less affluent.  As a young ministry, doing business on an uncertain income was equally as hard.  Gifts were always welcome, and they still are.  We still have and use some of those gifts in our ministry today.  During the years we have found out that the value of gifts placed in the hands of the Lord is much greater than the value of that which is left in our own hands.  As we gave, He blessed and multiplied; as we have laid a foundation of faith, He has laid a foundation of blessings.  Others have come asking for our secret.  We have told them that there is no secret.  We have given sacrificially and God has supplied skilled laborers and skilled craftsmen and visiting strangers to help us to build a tabernacle for the worship of God.

Quitting time to some comes soon after eight hours have passed.  To others it is when the work is complete for that day.  In our church people have multiple jobs, wear different hats and are used to sleepless nights.  On some of the nights we pray, on others we work.  Many of our leaders and members go from work to church, from school to church and now in the morning from church to work or school.  The challenge of the need for more hands is always before us, but we must go on.  We do not look to abandon the challenges; we look for even more.  For where man has said, “It is impossible,” God will part the seas.

And so, regardless of the circumstances, “The Vision Continues.” circlerightarrow